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HUNTING IN HARRISON COUNTY, OHIO – Possum Lodge is your Ohio Hunting Lodge destination offering private whitetail deer and wild turkey hunts in east/southeast Ohio. Our location coupled with our natural terrain makes us an ideal hunting area in the general vicinity where Harrison County, Belmont County, and Guernsey Counties all converge. We have 64 acres of private land neighboring 8,000 acres of public hunt lands. We are literally nestled between Clendening Lake and Piedmont Lake. This Google Map will show you our location. Just zoom out one or two clicks to bring the lakes into view.

Additionally we are approximately 5 miles from Jockey Hollow Wildlife Area (3,469 acres), and Egypt Valley Wildlife Area (18,011 acres) . Below you will find links to maps of these wildlife areas which show their proximity to Clendening and Piedmont Lakes.


DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Possum Lodge is approximately a 2 hour drive from Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown and the Athens area.  We are one hour from Zanesville, Pittsburgh, and Parkersburg Marietta areas, and just 47 minutes from Wheeling. We are physically located in Harrison County, Freeport, Ohio 43973. Our location can be seen here.


ODNR Deer Harvest Yearly Comparison – click here
Harrison County 2014 Spring Wild Turkey Opening Day, Harrison County was No. 1 in the state with 82 turkeys harvest opening day.




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Property Description for Private Deer Hunts & Turkey Hunts:

We have six tree stands scattered throughout the property which are periodically baited. (You are welcome to bring your own stand if you so choose.) We also have two automatic feeders located on the property, and a large portion of our wooded areas are white oak providing natural food supply of acorns. Our terrain is hilly, mostly wooded with an abundant amount of white oak, cherry and maple and some areas of open fields in a flat bottomed valley/hollow with a creek running through the property. Photos of the property can be viewed here.


Hunting Packages and Rates:


EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE HUNTS: All reservations are exclusive to you and your party for any dates you book.

No one else would be in the cabin or on the property during your stay.

RATES: If you have just one or two hunters in your party, and/or you are staying less than 3 nights, we charge $90/day/hunter to hunt, plus the normal cabin fee. This is a luxury log home set up to sleep 8 comfortably. Cabin rate is $200/night based on a two-person occupancy. Additional adults are $15 each per night, children under the age of 16 are $10/night. We frequently will have families plan a hunting vacation where not all family members hunt. Contact Us for any special needs or pricing in this regard. If you would like to view our cabin photos, please click here.

DISCOUNT HUNTING/LODGING PACKAGES: If you have 3 or more hunters in your group, and you are staying 3 or more nights, we offer discounts on the above hunting/lodging fees. We have packages that start at $395 per hunter for a group of 3 hunters staying 3 nights. Hunting/lodging price sheet can be viewed here. If you would like to view our cabin photos, please click here.

It is your responsibility to know and comply with all Ohio Hunting Regulations! Links are provided below for your convenience in obtaining this information:

General Hunting and Fishing Regulations Page Ohio Div. Of Wildlife
Home Page for ODNR for Hunting information

To make a reservation or check available hunting dates, please call us at 440-537-2026 or you can send us an e-mail through our Contact Us form.